Y2Y was founded by a group of young dedicated orienteers who aim to bring orienteering to a new level. Creative and professional, Y2Y strives to inject an element of fun in every activity.

A registered orienteering club under the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong (OAHK), Y2Y stands for “youth to youth”, but all young-at-heart and youth-to-be are most welcome!
About Orienteering
Orienteering is similar to a treasure hunt in which you find checkpoints using a given map and a compass. Originated in Sweden and immensely popular in Europe, it has a long history in Hong Kong and is rapidly growing in China.

Known as a “mind sport”, orienteering exercises both the brain and the body, making it a perfect strategic, educational and exciting game. It is suitable for all ages and physical fitness levels.
Variations are numerous. It can be...
- individually, in pairs or in groups;
- on foot, ski, bike, canoe, in a wheelchair (known as trail orienteering);
- during the day, at night or around-the-clock (called “Rogaine”, it typically lasts for 24 hours);
- in the countryside, in the city, a soccer pitch or even in a classroom!
At the highest competitive level, top athletes around the world compete in the annual World Orienteering Championships. The International Orienteering Association (IOF, www.orienteering.org) is the governing body of this interesting sport.
The Italian Orienteering Federation has made an amusing, one-minute introductory video “Only running is not enough”:

If kids can do it, so can you! Here’s a five-minute video from another orienteering club: