1. Do I need to be a marathon runner in order to play orienteering?
It is suitable for you even if the only exercise you do is shopping. Being able to run fast is an advantage, but not a winning criterion. Even wheelchair users will find is enjoyable.
2. Are the trainers qualified and experienced to deliver the program?
All our trainers are either registered coaches of the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong or veterans of orienteering.
3. What equipment do I need?
You only need to put on sportswear. Getting enough sleep and a clear head is a plus. We will provide everything including maps, compasses, whistles and timing systems.
4. Where is it held?
In the countryside, a park, the city, a soccer pitch, a school hall…
5. Is orienteering dangerous?
We would be lying if we tell you that orienteering is perfectly safe. All sports have risks. Like any sport, orienteering may bring about scratches, falls, twists, cramps. But what we do is to prevent all sorts of risks imaginable. With our experience, we reduce that into a minimum through pre-event field trips, on-site trainers during the event, trainers who are qualified first-aiders, contingencies for adverse weather conditions, and insurance.